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Useful Home Gadgets – Home Tech of the future, today.

Home is where the heart is, or that’s what people say at least. Your home is where you eat, sleep, and do your most human of activities. It’s a place of peace and it’s your sanctuary; but did you know it can also be a tech heaven?

Useful Home Gadgets 2000 to 2020


Society is growing more advanced and more rooted in technology as the days go by. It has been estimated that from 2000 to 2020, the percentage of global users of the internet has jumped from just 5.0% to a whopping 58.7%. Every service has an app, every business has a website, so it makes total sense that your home life would involve a bit of home tech as well.

Colour-Changing LED

You can find useful home gadgets for just about any domestic task at the click of a button. They can range from practical, every day use, like a Sunlight Alarm Clock to gradually wake you in the morning, to the weird and wonderful, such as a Colour-Changing LED for your shower head. The complexity of each of these gadgets varies by each product. Some of them are very user-friendly, enabling people of all ages and all technical abilities to get involved with the fun. Some of the gadgets require a bit more brainpower and know-how though, and it seems to be these ones that come with a bit more of a hefty price tag.

Self-Heating Butter Knife

The price for useful home tech varies as much as the complexity of each piece. You can get a Self-Heating Butter Knife for as little as £16.99 which, as every toast lover will tell you, practically pays for itself. Compare this to the revolutionary Interactive Workout Mirror which would set you back an eye-watering £1,141 and it’s easy to see that you can spend a little or spend a lot on equipping your home with smart devices and gadgets. You could argue this is a good thing; you’re in control of your budget and there are products to suit every income. However some people argue that you get what you pay for, and some of the cheaper knock-off gadgets tempt those that can’t afford the more expensive genuine products into buying a sub-par device that isn’t even worth the discounted price.

Technology doesn’t solve humanity’s problems

So yes it is true, just about every act you can think of performing in your home comes with a gadget now; but is this a good thing or a bad thing? Some people have argued that society is becoming too dependent on technology, and we are actually beginning to expect that there is a useful gadget solution to every problem under the sun. The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, said, “Technology doesn’t solve humanity’s problems. It was always naïve to think so. Technology is an enabler, but humanity has to deal with humanity’s problems”. Pair this idea with the vast amounts of home gadgets out there and you could actually argue that technology is encroaching on our home lives, not enhancing it.

Trendy products we don’t need?

But technology genuinely changes lives for the better. Too often, we associate technology with excess and laziness, vanity and corruption. Numerous articles argue we are glued to our smartphones and care about trendy products we don’t need and on the whole, technology is making society worse as the years go on. But we forget that MRI machines, mobility scooters, voice-activated gadgets; they are just some of the technological advances that have prolonged and enriched people’s lives. Home gadgets have made the difficult easy, and many would argue a step towards reduction in home tech is actually a step backwards.

So find some useful home gadgets to enrich your own life. Shop around for a bargain and enjoy home tech of the future, today.