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Why the Switch Will Continue to Outsell the PS5 & Xbox Series X

Why the Switch Will Continue to Outsell the PS5 & Xbox Series X

If you regularly read tech news, you know that you just cannot get away from stories about the Nintendo Switch, Sony PS5 and the Microsoft Xbox Series X right now. In fact, it has been that way for the past year as teasers, leaks and the latest updates have been released to the masses.

To be fair, it is always like this as the next generation of consoles is about to hit the market. That said, while this rivalry is usually about which console is better, has the better games, and will outsell the other, there is already a product on the market that they should be more worried about.

The Nintendo Switch has been outselling both the older generation of Playstation and Xbox since its launch and it is now setting its eyes on doing the same to their older brothers.


What Does the Switch Do That the Others Cannot?

nintendo-switchThe Nintendo Switch has been leading the way in terms of trending gadgets over the last couple of years for several reasons. For one, it is what you might call a console/tablet hybrid. It has blended mobile gaming and console gaming into one. At home it can plug into your television and give you the console experience, and when on the go, it can turn into a pint-sized tablet.

This is a huge selling point as neither the Sony or Microsoft consoles can be considered portable. In fact, they are getting bigger in the latest launch. 

Also, the Switch offers unique controllers that can attach to the side of the tablet, which turns it into a handheld console. Moreover, once you remove those controllers, they become two separate controllers allowing for multi-player play on the big screen TV. Then to cap things off, those same controllers can be used like Wii-like motion controllers.


What Does Sony and Microsoft Do Better Than the Switch?

sony-playstation-5Graphical power is the obvious one here.

These machines offer far better processing power that allows for 4k gaming and much better textures.

That said, unless you were a serious gamer that values graphics, this will not be that big an advantage.

The graphics on the Switch are fine, and most people are happy with the power that it possesses.

Online gaming is also easier on these consoles. Switch to date has proved to be a little clunky in this area.

Not only because of a lack of titles in comparison, but also because voice chat is hard to set up and use. 


So Will the Switch Outsell the Next Gen Consoles?

microsoft-xbox-series-xInitially, probably not. There is enormous demand for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X as fans of previous consoles clamber to get their hands on the new consoles. Over a long period, though, the Switch will continue to outperform both. Why? Because it offers a compromise between mobile gaming and console gaming. This appeals to a wider audience. The Switch will only get better too, in terms of the number of games and its online capabilities.