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Nia Renee Hill: The Face Saving Wife Of An Apparent Racist?

Nia Renee Hill: The Face Saving Wife Of An Apparent Racist?

Nia Renee Hill, 52 is an actor, writer, producer, and director. She was born on 2 June 1969 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She was born to parents Loretha Ree Gaskill and Ben Hill. She led a disturbed childhood due to the early divorce of her parents when she was only a little kid. After the divorce, she was raised by her father alone, while her mother married another man named Simon Gaskill Junior.

She is a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in communication and media studies. She also attended the Los Angeles School of Style after completing her graduation.

Reason of fame

She surely has worked in a number of TV shows and projects, but that’s not the reason why you or I know her, right? Directly or indirectly her fame is due to her marriage with a famous comedian Bill Burr who, on one hand, is hailed by nationalist whites for his views on social issues like feminism, masculinity, race, and religion, etc., while on the other hand, is condemned by open-minded and inclusive people. Some even claim that his marriage with a black woman is merely an act to display to disprove his racism. But such calls are shut off quite empathically by her own wife, Nia Renee.

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Career as an actress

Hill started acting in 2009 as Rhonda, being her first-ever role, in “Carpool”, and then played the character of Tasha Smyth in two episodes of a show named “Lila, Long Distance”. In 2013, Hill starred in “Divorce: A Love Story” and in 2017, she had two shows – “Santa Clarita Diet” and “F Is for Family”, from six recent episodes. She is most widely known for her work in “F for family” which is basically an adult animated series for Netflix. This was a project of her husband Bill Burr.

She also appears on her husband’s podcasts quite frequently. Hill had had seven projects in total in her acting career. Her most recent work is starring in a TV series named “Crashing”.

Her focus on social media

Nia Renee Hill is quite active on her Instagram where she regularly uploads her pictures and lets the fans know what’s going on in her life. On Instagram, she more than 49.2K followers as of April 2021. She also has a verified Twitter account where she has 61.3k followers. She also made a YouTube channel for more than a decade and has uploaded a couple of videos too. the videos got a lot of attention from Bill Burr’s fans who gave high viewership to the videos with intentions of getting to know more about the private life of the couple.

Net worth

Despite not doing as much project as she could do because of her versatility and diverse background, she still has a net worth of roundabout 1.2 million dollars, whereas her husband has a net worth of 12 million. Besides acting, she is also a writer and has published several articles and blogs. Here is the link to one of her articles

How she met her husband

They met each other as co-workers who were working on different posts in the same project in Comedy Central, LA. Hill was working as a talent coordinator while bill, as we know him, was working as a comedian. After dating each other for years, they finally tied the knot of marriage in 2013.

Their first child, a daughter was born in 2017. And a son, the second child, was born in 2020. They, contrary to what the public might think of an interracial couple, both make a very happy couple on and off-stage. This is very evident from her podcasts, social media posts, and the admiration they have for each other. And also pretty clear from the funny lenient jokes Bill makes about her wife in his stand-up comedy shows. So, we can answer the question asked right in the start with “No!”, she is not a face-saving wife of an apparent racist, rather they love each other and intends to stay the same.

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