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Nadine Caridi bio, relationship, net worth, career, life, hobbies

Nadine Caridi bio, relationship, net worth, career, life, hobbies

Nadine Caridi, aka the Duchess of Bay Ridge, is a popular model who was born on 6 November 1962. She has both American and British nationalities. Besides, she is the ex-wife of Jordan Belfort. This article talks about the biography, early life, career, hobbies, net worth, and other aspects of the life of Nadine Caridi. Read on to know more.

Early life and education

Nadine spent most of her childhood in Brooklyn New York. She was a kid when her parents relocated to Brooklyn where she went to the John Dewey High School and got her Masters’ degree in Clinical Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. In 2015, Nadine Caridi did her Ph.D. We don’t have enough information about her parents for now.


During her early years, her career was not that successful. She promoted Miller Beer for a while and appeared in a number of national advertisements as well. This is how she got started as a model. During these years, she was not that popular.

Personal life

The turning point of her life was when she came across Jordan Belfort. Alan Wilzig, Caridi’s ex-boyfriend threw a party where Caridi and Jordan met for the first time. Alan Wilzig is an entrepreneur and a professional race driver.

During that time, Jordan’s parties were quite popular among a lot of people. Many boys and girls used to attend these parties. Alcohol and drugs were liberally served during these parties.

During their first encounter, they had a brief conversation that turned into a friendship. At that time, Jordan was married to Deniso Lombardo. In 1991, Jordan divorced Deniso and married Nadine. This is when she became as popular as Margot Robbie.

After marriage, Nadine said goodbye to her modeling career. The couple has two kids named Carter and Chandler.

Jordan Belfort purchased a luxury yacht for Nadine and named it after her. But the sad part is that the yacht sank in 1996. The state authorities were suspicious of Belfort’s business activities. Many news stories about state investigations were telecast on media.

In 2003, the authorities investigated the office that proved him guilty and the court put the entrepreneur behind the bars for 4 years. After he served one year and ten months in jail, he was let go on probation on account of good behavior.

After being released, he became addicted to drugs and alcohol and had a lot of extramarital affairs. Jordan’s behavior was so unstable that he abused Nadine on a physical and emotional level. Eventually, Nadine was forced to divorce Belfort. The couple separated in 2005.

Relationship status

After the divorce, Nadine Caridi got married once again. Currently, she is married to John Macaluso, the Ex-CEO of the Wizard World. She is 22 years younger than her husband. John Macaluso enjoys a net worth of $8 million. Nadine is leading a happy married life with her husband.

Nadine Caridi disclosed a lot of things about her first unsuccessful marriage. She said that she had suffered a lot during those 7 years that she spent with Jordan Belfort. She was emotionally shattered and decided to get out of that infamous life. Although she had made a lot of money, peace was far away from her life.

Due to Jordan’s addiction to drugs, Nadine faced serious emotional and physical abuse. This was the primary reason she had to part ways with Jordan after 7 years of marriage. At that time, Jordan’s behavior was absolutely unacceptable. Therefore, Nadine had no choice but to part ways with Jordan for good.

After her divorce, she received therapy and felt a lot better. In fact, she says that it is the therapy that encouraged her to control her depression and anxiety and move on. After all, it was not easy for her to overcome the mental trauma that she suffered for seven years.

Her career as a therapist

In 2015, she did her Ph.D. and became a marriage counselor and family therapist. Since then, she has been quite successful as a therapist and marriage counselor. According to her, nothing can work better than therapy if you want to discover yourself and restore your connection with your authentication. Plus, it can help you maximize your potential. Today, she serves as a therapist as Nadine Macaluso.

After her divorce, when she was getting therapy to get out of her anxiety and stress, she was inspired to study psychology and become a professional counselor and therapist. As a matter of fact, she said that it was her lifelong dream to become a psychological therapist. Finally, her dream came true and she became quite content.

After a while, she became interested in somatic psychotherapy and decided to do a PhD in this field. Somatic psychotherapy is all about the holistic approach to the soul, mind, and body of a person. According to her, experience is the greatest teacher. Apart from this, she also said that it was her post-traumatic suffering that forced her to get therapy. This is how her life takes another positive turn, which worked in her favor.

Nadine Caridi hobbies

Watching movies is one of the top hobbies of Nadine. Her favorite actors are Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks. Apart from watching movies, she has many other hobbies, such as traveling, reading, and cooking. She loves Italian cuisine as well.

Nadine’s net worth

At the time of writing this article, Nadine is 56 years old and enjoys a net worth of $5 million. She earned most of her wealth as a professional therapist. If you want to know more about her services, you can check out her website and social media pages.

Dr. Nadine Macaluso is a passionate psychologist who helps her clients restore their resilience. Primarily, she works with patients struggling with self-doubt, insecurity, depression, and anxiety. She asks many unasked questions in order to find out the root cause of the mental health issues faced by her clients. She doesn’t just treat symptoms.

In short, this was an introduction to Nadine’s biography, early life, career, relationships, hobbies, and net worth. If you want to know more about her services, you can go to her website.

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