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Most useful blogging tools 2020 – Grammarly, Yoast, BuzzSumo, Canva, Sumo

Most useful blogging tools 2020 – Grammarly, Yoast, BuzzSumo, Canva, Sumo

Looking for blogging content and sitting to organise and deliver to your readers is enough hard work. Producing the perfect blog without the little silly mistakes is even harder. And then there is the website traffic and Google ranking problem that you also should worry about. That’s a little too much for your favourite free time hobby. But what if you knew of tools that could help you with all that?

Tools that could make your 2020 blogging seamless

There are far too many tools on the internet today that could help you deliver the near-perfect article. Tools that could help your SEO, social media marketing, image finding, content writing and proofreading, etc.

While other sites suggest more than 50 tools, this blog is an analysis of the most useful and must-have blogging tools.

by Jaz


Compose clear, mistake-free writing that makes the right impression

Easily one of the most useful grammar checking tools for bloggers. Avoid those spelling mistakes you wouldn’t normally see unless you are looking too hard.

Grammarly is easy to install and use. All you need is an add-on install for your chrome browser and the app will feature in all your input areas.

A premium version of Grammarly helps you check on plagiarism while helping you enhance your vocabulary.

Yoast SEO

Do you want your post to rank higher on Google? Then Yoast SEO is your answer. The tool is one of the most installed WordPress plug-in made by an independent company.

Yoast assists you to cover the SEO basics and make sure your post is well optimized. It is extremely easy to use, all you need is follow instructions and you will be good to go.

In addition, Yoast also helps bloggers create a socially friendly image.
Google Analytics
Responses to your content are vital. And you need a tool to help you know the kind of response you are getting or if you are getting any for that matter. And what better free-to-use tool than Google Analytics?
Google Analytics gives critical insights into the best and worst-performing content in your blogs. With such information, you can modify your content or style on a particular page to be friendlier and content-rich in order to increase traffic.
Insights offered on Google Analytics are very helpful in the future planning of your blog.
Why stress about looking for ideal content when you can have BuzzSumo? The tool helps you find the most curated content on the internet, including social media based on the number of shares. You only need to enter a keyword and the tool tells you the most shared content for that particular topic.

BuzzSumo can also help you monitor blog mentions in real-time as they happen. A very useful tool to simplify your content marketing strategy.

Visual impressions like images and infographics are a proven way to grab the attention of your readers. Featured images think and in-content images are all featured in Canva in great quality and quantities.

Templates are in millions here and though not all are free, you only need to pay as little as a dollar to remove some watermarks on some templates.

Additionally, you can as well create a custom banner for your blog post. Canva takes your image and infographics to another level.


This piece wouldn’t be complete without Sumo. Sumo is a wonderful tool that could help with your marketing.

Studies prove that quotes and images are the most shared on Twitter or anywhere. And some of your blog readers would want to share some of the information or images they find on your blog. With sumo, they can do this easily courtesy of the Sumo image sharer. The Sumo highlighter, on the other hand, makes it easy, sharing blog snippets they like for tweeting.

There are additional 10 tools in the Sumo pack, another reason Sumo is a must-have.

Revive Old Posts

As you progress in your blogging, you realize that you have a bunch of old blogs lying lifeless that you may need to rejuvenate.

As important as it is to write fresh content, it’s also important to revive the old posts and jog your reader’s memories. Doing this helps add a little more traffic and drive reader engagement. Revive old post is the perfect tool for this purpose.

The tool reduces the time spent trying to remember old posts. Also, if you don’t like feeding your social feeds constantly, this is the tool for you.

My Stock Photos

While canvas helps find the right template, infographics, and images, My Stock Photos specialises purely in images. Here, you can find high quality and free stock images for your blogging.

Who said you couldn’t use two tools at once? Find an image on My Stock Photos and upload it on Canva to use it as a background, then add text on it and your traffic will never be the same.

This is only a tip in the iceberg of blogging tools available. There are hundreds of additional tools out there, perhaps thousands. Feel free to use them collectively for a hassle-free 2020 blogging journey.

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