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Greg Gutfeld’s wife, Elena Moussa bio, age, husband, career, and net worth

Greg Gutfeld’s wife, Elena Moussa bio, age, husband, career, and net worth

Elena Moussa was born on the 4th of May 1989 in Russia. Since she was talented and passionate, she pursued a number of careers in the field of journalism, modeling, and designing. She married Greg Gutfeld, a popular personality that appears on the TV shows named “The Greg Gutfeld Show” as the host. Before this show, he was associated with Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld as the host.

Early life and education

Elena has had a deep interest in fashion since a young age, which is what motivated her to pursue a career in the fashion industry. This industry demands a lot of creativity but offers immense rewards in return. Fortunately, she did well in this industry and shone as a funnel fashion designer.

As far as her family background is, we have little to no information. Her family relocated to London from Russia. Later on, Elena made up her mind to relocate to the United States. After completing her matriculation, she worked for the New York Fashion Institute of Technology. She went back to Russia to try her luck in modeling after getting her degree.

Since Elena enjoys lean and tall physic along with a pretty face, she achieved success in this field. Also, she joined Maxim Russia as an avid photo editor. During these years, she became quite familiar with the physical requirements. Besides, she worked with Maxim UK where she came across Greg Gutfeld. Between 2004 and 2006, Greg served as the editor for Maxim UK.

Elena Moussa’s husband                                                                 

Greg Gutfeld earned a great reputation as a TV host. Besides, he enjoys a successful career in different fields as an author, political commentator, and producer. Nowadays, he is the host of his late-night TV show called “Gutfeld!”. Apart from this, he is the co-host of “The Five”, a political talk show.

Elena Moussa

Since his teenage, he has had a great interest in politics. By the time he grew into an adult, he had strong opinions as a politically well-informed individual. Greg got enrolled at the University of California. As a college student, he was an internee of “The American Spectator”.

Over the years, he served as the editor for several magazines, such as Prevention, Stuff, and Men’s Health, just to name a few. In 2004, he was serving as the editor with Maxim UK where he got a chance to meet Elena Moussa. In 2006, he was terminated because of his failure to maintain the readership.

In 2005, he became one of the pioneer contributors to “Huffington Post” when it was launched. You can access many of his posts on the website even today. Besides, he launched his own personal blog “The Daily Gut.”

After just two years, he started his own TV show “Red Eye with Greg” as a host. This TV show was telecast for eight years and went off-air after. Apart from this, he served for “The Five” as the co-host. In 2005, Greg created and hosted another TV show named “The Greg Gutfeld Show”.

Relationship and marriage

In an interview, he said that he fell in love with Elena the moment he saw her. Greg asked her if she could serve as the editor for Maxima Russia. Later on, they became friends and went on several dates. Elena moved to London to live with Greg.

Elena Moussa

After dating for 5 months, they got married and began living together. In 2004, they tied knots in a civil ceremony in New York. But they have not made their minds to have children yet.

Elena loves to spend quality time with her family and friends. You can find the photos of the couple on their social media pages. The couple travels together quite often whether it’s art exhibitions, international holidays, or beaches.

Social media presence

Although Elena Mousse has opted out of modeling and journalism, her passion for fashion designing is still there. In 2011, she was quite active and started the “Moussa Project”. She developed a sense of fashion after gaining a lot of knowledge and experience working in fashion institutes.

She has several social media pages of her company where she publishers posts about fashion designing. Over the years, a lot of people liked her social media pages. Although she is not that active on Facebook or Twitter, her Instagram gets updated about her work and personal life on a regular basis.


Although you can find a lot of pictures of her on Instagram, there are not any controversies surrounding her. Although there are some controversies associated with her husband, most of them are related to his work and political views. These controversies have nothing to do with her wife as she spends most of her time in the field of fashion designing.

Greg shares strong political opinions, which is why he has been in the news many times. After the recent US presidential elections, Greg said that there might have been voter fraud. In 2009, he had to face outrage when he passed remarks on Canadian Soldiers upon the reports of the death of 4 of the soldiers. The Defence Minister of Canada summoned him for his ruthless comments for which he apologized later on.

Height and weight

In the past, she enjoyed a successful career in the modeling industry. Even today, she has a toned body, which measures 33 by 24 by 35. With a rectangular face, dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes, she achieved success in the field of fashion designing as a model. Since she has roots in Russia, she has a gorgeous physique and a great sense of style.

Elena Moussa’s net worth

Over the years, Elena pursued many careers that helped her made a lot of money. According to an estimate, she enjoys a net worth of around $2 million. On the other hand, Greg enjoys a net worth of around $5 million. Both Greg and Elena have been doing well adding to their net worth.