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Francine Valli: The Ill-Fated End Of A Promising Future Star

Francine Valli: The Ill-Fated End Of A Promising Future Star

Frankie Valli, the famous singer of “the four seasons”, does not need to be introduced. We all know how he made us vibe on his albums. But those sweet memories come alongside the distressing memories of Frankie’s daughter, Francine Valli’s tragic and untimely death. The death of a promising star following the footprints of her father dying at such a young age left all the fans in sorrow and despair. But let’s not let the memories of that late star be faded away in the book of time; here is the glimpse of what kind of lovely but short-spanned life she lived.

Birth and family

She was a lucky child to be born to legendary singer Frankie Valli and his first wife Mary Delgado Vallie in a famous and elite family. The day or month of her birth is not publicized by her family, but the year of her birth was 1960. The reason for keeping her birthday confidential by her family is thought to ward off the haunting memories that’ll distress them in the form of condolences they would receive each year by Frankie’s fans.

She was the youngest of her five siblings Francesco Valli, Antonia Valli, Celia Valli, Brando Valli, Emilio Valli. Being the youngest of all, she was the most adored one and had a good and friendly relationship with all her elder siblings.

Francine had a very happy and colorful childhood in New Jersey, Nutley. They had a large house where she used to play with her sisters. According to her family, Francine was a very jolly and spirited girl who aspired to do something big in life, but fate had something else written for her.

Aspiration to become a singer

She had seen the shine of fame that her father had as a singer. This inspired her to follow the footprints of her father to become a star. His father not just approved this passion of hers, but also gave her all the assistance and support she needed. She was thought to be the “favorite child” of her father for her determination to follow his dad’s passion.

She had a beautiful and mesmerizing voice that made the fans see the formation of another hit singer in the future. But unfortunately, this voice was not made to live very long and was silenced before it could hit the big speakers. Her tragic death ended her career before it was even started. The fans still can, and do, hear her few recorded songs like ‘I Try,’ ‘Street Life,’ and ‘Midnight At The Oasis’.

Impact of Frankie’s turbulent love life

Despite all siblings having a completely normal attitude towards each other and their father, Frankie has a rather turbulent love life. He married Francine’s mother in 1957 and remained married, but ended in divorce in 1971. He then married MaryAnn Hannigan in 1974. This relationship went stable for 8 years, but ended with the same result as previous ones; they divorce in 1982.

Frankie started dating Randy Clohessy in 1983 and thinking of her to be the true soul mate, went for marriage for the third time. They got married in 1984 and went on the same for a decade. But to Frankie’s dismay, this marriage too ended with a divorce in 2004.

Francine’s parents had divorced in her life, but this had little to no impact on her life and stayed with her father and siblings throughout her short-lived life.

The tragic end to the future star

Different stories were being told to explain the cause of her death. The speculations that she committed suicide were widespread, which only added more misery to the already tragedy-stricken Valli family. But those rumors were strictly refuted by the family and the real cause of her death was told.

According to the reports. Francie had died due to drug abuse. She had recently fallen prey to this drug addiction. Her father tried his best to get her rid of this addiction by getting her admitted to rehab. But this addiction only ended with her end. The death happened due to the complications caused by chemical reactions of alcohol and a sedative-hypnotic drug called Quaaludes. She died on August 16, 1980, in Newark, NJ at the young age of only 20. Except for being a promising Star, she was also a university student at the time of her death.

The portrayal of her legacy

To not let the winds of autumn carry away the yellow leaves of her memories, The Jersey Boys portrayed a part of Francine’s life in their 2014 Musical Drama. Her character was played by an Australian actress Freya Tingley who did absolute justice in bringing the life to the dead Francine Valli. The movie was a hit at the box office and won six Tony Awards.

The year of sorrow for the Valli family

The year Francine died was not an easy year for the Valli family. Because just six months before her death, Celia Sabin, her older sister, had died after falling from a fire escape in a tragic incident. This happened while Celia was staying in her New York apartment.

Following Francine’s death, the family had to bear the loss of another member. This time, Francine’s paternal grandfather died from a stroke.

So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that 1980 was the year of sorrow for the Valli family.

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