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Chip Hailstone Bio, Age, Personal Life, And Net Worth

Chip Hailstone Bio, Age, Personal Life, And Net Worth

Chip hailstone is an American personality who is known for his role in a reality TV show. He is also known for his appearance in a documentary series called “Life Below Zero”, which was telecast on National Geographic Channel. In 2017, he got involved in a controversy when he made false statements to the police. Let’s find out more about his biography, controversy, personal life, age, and  net worth


In Kalispell Montana, Chip was born to Mary Lois Hailstone and Daniel Franklin Hailstone. While he was growing up in his birthplace, he learned the art of being a hunter.

With white ethnicity, Chip is Zodiac and he has American nationality. As far as his childhood is concerned, there is no authentic information available on the internet. Besides, even Chip did not say anything about his childhood days.

Apart from his childhood, we don’t have any authentic reports about his academic qualifications either. Similarly, as far as Chip’s educational background and childhood are concerned, nobody knows about the background of his family either.

Moving to Alaska

As Chip grew up into an adult, he learned how to fish and hunt. These two skills became quite important in his adulthood. Hunting was the love of his life when he was a child. Often, he imagined himself as an expert hunter.

Chip Hailstone

In 1988, he moved to Alaska in order to put his hunting skills to the test. The life of a hunter is very difficult as they have to live in harsh environments.  But Chip seemed to be happy with this type of lifestyle.

After a while, he made his mind to settle in Noorvik, Alaska, which is a small city. This city is so small that it has around 700 residents. During that time, he learned to use different types of equipment to improve his hunting skills. He always brought a .22 caliber long rifle, bow and arrow, and a 12-gauge antique rifle.

The TV show “Life Below Zero”

For the first time, hailstone received attention when he was seen in a documentary series called “Life Below Zero”. At that time, television producers got to know about him and decided to make them part of a documentary series. The purpose of the documentary was to allow people to get a deeper insight into the lives of hunters.

Produced by BBC worldwide, this series is telecast on the National Geographic Channel and showcases the routine and seasonal activities of aspiring hunters from remote areas of Alaska. The hunters’ struggle to survive with limited resources aroused the interest of the audience and help the produces earn a lot of money.

These hunters live on the river called Kobuk River in Noorvik, which is located 30km north of the Arctic Circle. Besides, there are other cast members of the TV series along with other individuals and families, such as Jessie Holmes, Andy Bassich, and Sue Aikens.

This TV series became so popular that it was nominated for 68th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards between 2015 and 2017 for three times. This show has been running successfully.

Controversy and Jail sentence

After Chip was convicted of two counts of giving false statements to cops and two counts of perjury, he got 15 months of jail time. Therefore, he was kept on probation for using the latest firearms. In the meantime, his wife played the shooting part for hunting sessions.

Fortunately, he was released after spending 10 months in jail. But his life took another turn when he was found guilty one more time in 2016. This time he was put behind the bars in Correctional Prison in Alaska.

Again, he got lucky as all of the convictions against him were removed and he was released in 2017. After a while, he explained why he was arrested. He said that the problem started in 2011. At that time, his stepson had an argument with a family in Noorvik.

One of the residents aimed at his daughter with a gun. According to other reports, a policeman assaulted her physically. After the incident, a restraining order was filed against the cop. However, other cops in the area disputed his actions.

Personal Life

In 1990, Chip married Agnes Hailstone and they have been leading a happily married life since. The couple has 5 kids together. For the first time, Chip came across Agnes in Noorvik. As a native Alaskan Inupiaq, she spent all of her life in Alaska. She says that her family has a lot of historical knowledge that goes back thousands of years.

Apart from this, this was the second marriage of Chip. He was first married when he was 19 years old. Unfortunately, his first marriage did not last long. He has a son from his first wife.

Chip Hailstone

He met Agnes when he made his mind to settle down in Alaska. Today, the couple has five daughters and one son from his ex-spouse. Their daughters are named  Qutan, Caroline, Mary, Iriqtaq, and Tinmiaq.

Although the family lives in extreme conditions, they provided all the support their daughters needed to pursue education. One of their daughters, Iriqtaq goes to college to pursue her degree. Chip also has a grandson from her daughter Iriqtaq.


As far as the personal affairs of celebrities are concerned, their fans are always curious to find out even the tiniest details.  Chip Hailstone was born on 8 March 1969. At the time of writing this article, he is 52 years old.

Height and Weight

Chip is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 60 kgs. So, he is pretty much in great shape.

Net worth

According to some reports, Chip has a net worth of $250,000, give or take.

Hopefully, you will find this article informative enough.