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Brooke Daniells: A Diva’s Journey From being a Scientologist to a Photographer

Brooke Daniells: A Diva’s Journey From being a Scientologist to a Photographer

Brooke Daniells is a popular American model, actress, writer, producer, and well-skilled photographer. However, her claim to fame is her sensational relationship with the famous Hollywood movie and T.V actress, Catherine Bell. The Lesbian couple took the limelight at a time when the world was still adjusting to the norm of accepting the homosexual community into society. Brooke is also an award-winning and nationally published photographer. Let’s get a deeper look into the diva’s life.

Brook Daniells Background:

Brooke Daniells was born on 30 July 1970 in Tomball, Texas, USA.  Michael Daniell is Brooke’s father and Valerie Chachere Daniell is her mother. She has two siblings, a brother Michael, and a sister, Cassad. The actor’s father was a photographer, and her affection for her father sparked a passion for photography in Brook Daniells. She started to take photographs also. She captures aesthetic pieces through the lens of her camera.

Brook Daniells’s Education:

Brooke completed her school life in the local high school but not much is known about her schooling life. But according to some media sources, in 1991, the diva completed her graduation from Sam Houston State University. Brooke also obtained a master’s degree in communication with an excellent academic score. A cherry on the top, she was also a member of People from Tomball, Texas, Miss USA 2009 delegates. So, this diva is actually a true example of beauty with the brain.

Relationship, Marriage, and Children:

Brooke Daniells went through a bad relationship with her husband. After she arrived as a bisexual, she chose to terminate her union with her ex-husband. From this unstable relationship, she bore two children, Dane and Chapel. She enjoys both men n women but her previous relationships aren’t known in 2012, Brooke Daniells met Catherine Bell, the famous American actress. Brooke worked in the psychiatric institution, which is basically the Death Museum, in California. Fate created a chance to meet Catherine there. Their shared common affairs and interests united the two. Catherine Bell herself was recently divorced at the time. This brave couple announced their relationship to the world. Since then, they have shared a meaningful relationship.

Catherine is the mother of two gorgeous children, Gemma, and Ronan, but this fact didn’t hinder her bond with Brooke Daniells. Leaving all their past relationships aside, new love birds are now living a life full of joy in the Hidden Hills Western Suburbs of Los Angeles along with their children. Moreover, there is no news of any conflict between them currently.

Catherine Bells Ex-Husband:

Catherine met the charming Adam Beason (a film writer and producer) in 1992 during the Death Becomes Her film’s shooting. The couple got married on 8th May 1994 and gave birth to Gemma and Ronan. However, they divorced in September 2015 and sold their family mansion located in Calabasas, California.


Brooke began her career in the field of Scientology, a body of religious beliefs and practices first established by L.Ron Hubbard, an American writer, in 1952. Brooke is also a part-time party planner and photographer. Daniells made a tremendous career in multiple fields like modeling, acting, directing, and writing as well. She started pursuing her career by entering a popular short film “Vanguard Dispatched”.

In 2006 the young diva debuted as an actress in the famous film “Shadow Falls” and “Change of life” and then between the years 2010 and 2011 she developed her career as a producer and writer. In 2009, she won the crown as Miss Texas. Her commitment and passion rendered her a new ladder to success and fortunately, she clung to it. Her passion for photography lent Brooke a chance for directing, in 2010, the movie Last Breath. She applied her sculpture skills in directing and generated fascinating replicas.

Finally, her producer career gave her a lot of fortune from the TV series “L Spice” and “Last Breath”. She also made her career brighter as a photographer and got awarded for her work by getting a Lifetime Achievement Award, 2017.

Brook-The Photographer:

Brooke has hosted multiple successful photography exhibitions nationwide. The photographer works with models of all ages and genders. Furthermore, she has a beautiful collection of pictures of attractive natural destinations. Catherine Bell’s partner is the founder of Brooke Daniells Photography. Brooke’s business is over ten years old. She incorporates her knowledge in fashion and art during photoshoots to make every client feel empowered and cherished.

Net Worth:

Scientology is Brooke Daniells’ primary source of income and her spouse also believes in it. The net amount of Brooke’s income is estimated at $1 million. Along with this, her private property includes a 1.2 acres apartment. The status of her partner, Catherine Bell, is also commendable. Catherine has a net income of $15 million. Presently, Brooke is living with her soulmate in her house and its value is $2,050,000. In conclusion, Brooke Daniells financial status is very stable!